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December 15, 2013
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Mizu Application -Update 1- by LumiN30N Mizu Application -Update 1- by LumiN30N

Edit 1:// Art has been updated, as well as her relationships and history. Extra Info has been added at the bottom!
Edit 2:// ART UPDATED AGAIN. Relationships and History in progress of being changed. Also, MIZU'S GETTING MARRIED TO JIN! :D aboutdamntimetoo...

Name: Mizu

Gender: Female

Age: 18 Years

Rank: Trainer

Species (Pokemon): Lumineon

Type: :iconwatertypeplz:

Ability: Water Veil - Mizu cannot be burned, unless, of course, it's legit lava.

:iconnormaltypeplz: Protect - A protective energy shields Mizu from any move once; very useful when performing battle tactics.
:iconicetypeplz: Blizzard - A flurry of damaging ice shards and freezing cold air sprouts from Mizu's mouth towards the opponent.
:iconwatertypeplz: Aqua Ring - A ring of water that surrounds Mizu. The ring will steadily heal her as time passes.
:iconwatertypeplz: Hydro Pump - A currently uncontrollable move that Mizu has learned. It had progressed from Surf; but the only thing that it's really useful for is sending her into hard surfaces, such as trees and walls, and sending the opponent elsewhere.

Personality: Mizu has a very open, sweet personality, and won't hesitate to help someone out (Well, unless if their a criminal, of course.) She loves to put on performances so that she can make other Poke-Cats happy, and she tries her best to avoid violence. If anyone were to hurt her friends, or cause problems, she always attempts to solve the problem without using force. But if it gets to the point, she won't hesitate to attack if she has too. This Lumineon-cat won't stop at nothing to protect her beloved. 

Held Item: None.

A little background info: 
Bullet; BlueKithoodBullet; Blue    Mizu grew up happy with her Seaking Explorer father, Lucius, and her beautiful Lumineon Contestor mom, Atlantis. As a kit, she was very stubborn and cheerful, and did everything she could to make everyone happy. Let's just say, she was a bit oblivious. At age 6, Mizu had met her now deceased best friend, Sparx. If you must know, during their kithood, Sparx was a Chinchou that was bullied and was extremely shy. Mizu helped him open up a bit and taught him how to stand up for himself. When it came to Mizu's 7th birthday, she met Nikki, a young Petilil with a abusive sister. They became quick friends, but slowly grew apart at the same time. Soon, around age 10 and 11, her father disappeared and her mother had fallen deathly ill due to a infection no one had knew about. Atlantis passed away when Mizu turned 12, and Lucius never returned. (This caused her to be shier and quieter.)

Bullet; PinkTeensBullet; Pink    Mizu and Sparx have grown to have an affection for each other, but Sparx rarely had any time for the Finneon since he was too busy helping others around the village. Not that this bothered Mizu, since she was basically doing the same thing; putting on performances to entertain everyone around her. She spent most of her time either performing, or helping an elderly Kangaskhan Fruit Vendor known as Mrs. Roo. (Who babied her as a kit.)

Bullet; BlueBrimstone and FireBullet; Blue     The whole event will traumatize her forever. She lost her beloved Sparx, who saved her from a falling branch right as she started to run away. She insisted on staying beside him as he bled to death, but he literally screamed at her to run for dear life. 

Bullet; PinkNew Island, New LifeBullet; Pink   Traumatized and depressed, Mizu had been struggling to keep a smile on her face. Until the Lotus Fortnight and Festival, where she had met Jin, the Ninetales of the Elite 4, she had begun to realize that crying didn't help anything. She also developed a small crush on him, but it wasn't evident as she would always keep her cool. Mizu soon evolved into a Lumineon, and now acquires to live a somewhat peaceful life. Because of her hopes of a better life, she is contemplating the idea of becoming a Villager, but is still a Trainer nonetheless. 

Bullet; BlueArrival of the KalosiansBullet; Blue   During the war, Mizu desperately wanted the fighting to stop. Then she ran into her; Natsu. She was amazed at the boldness and pride that was held in the Litleo's figure, and she couldn't help but think of her as her new role model, next to Jin. The two of them must've had the same idea, seeing as Natsu didn't attack, but instead aided Mizu with carrying an injured Froakie, Juliet, to the Pokémon Center. Mizu then soon ran out in search of Jin, and had spotted him running into the forest after a Kalosian Klefki. By the time she caught up with the two, she was enraged to find that the Klefki had the Ninetales' life in his paws, and unexpectedly fired a Hydro Pump at the offensive, key-jingling, tom cat. She was surprised when she had finally gained control of the powerful, yet tiring move, but she was horrified at how much damage she had caused. The two Cianwood cats returned to the Town, and Mizu was by far traumatized all over again.

By the time the battle ended... there had been many casualties... including the death of Mizu's best friend, Nikki the Liligant. She was horrified to find out, even more so when she saw the beautiful cat's bloodied corpse.

At her grave, Mizu dropped flowers that rivaled the beauty of Gracideas right under where it would say "Nikki," and the familiar pain in the Lumineon's heart stabbed at her very being once again. Jin soon came to comfort her, and she was glad for his company, since she could finally let the grief out of her system. That was when she realized how much she truly loved the Elite.

Mizu began to become concerned for Nikki's kits, but left Tempo alone so he could grieve over the loss of his mate.

Bullet; PinkAftermath of the WarBullet; Pink   Nikki's youngest kit, Sparx, had begun to live in her Trainer room after she found him slightly bruised and beaten, wandering to Nikki's old room. Apparently, Tempo had caused such beatings, and had kicked Kyubuki out as well.

The crush she had on Jin developed, and now she can't help but feel dazed whenever she's around him. The Lumineon tries hard not to stare at the nine tailed feline, but the struggle is getting tougher to handle. She plans on confessing to him whenever she gets the courage to, with hopes of not getting rejected.

She had been witness of the Evolution of Mato the Wurmple, seeing him evolve into a Silcoon. Seeing him so discouraged in never having a possibility of becoming a Dustox, she offered encouraging words on how he could use the elegant appearance of a Beautifly to his advantage. Her words seemed to be uplifting and were worth being spoken, as Mato took her advice to heart. And she was glad he did. Mizu had also witnessed Natsu evolve into a Pyroar, and was excited by her friend's accomplishment.

Little after these events, misfortune seemed to have struck. Seemed to have struck her. Romeo, the Seviper that Aero would always chase around in a path of destruction, had persuaded Sparx into joining Team Rocket after she told the kit to get rid of the 'R' necklace he had gotten ahold of. She immediately regretted her choice of words when the Chinchou didn't return. Mizu decided that he would come back if he wanted to, seeing as he was about to that age where he could make his own choices, since he was soon to graduate.

But that was before she found a group of three, Romeo, an unfamiliar Pawniard kit, and... Sparx, in her room in the middle of the night, stealing some of her berries. Mizu didn't go after them, seeing as she was stricken with shock and the unfamiliar pain of betrayal. Why had Sparx joined the Rockets of all ranks...? And what's this she's hearing about that necklace formerly belonging to Nikki?

Two nights later, her Mystic Water accessory went missing. Heck, even one of her chairs was missing. She couldn't think straight anymore. She felt more lost than ever. And there were very few cats that she could put her trust in, now.

At the Heritage Festival, she felt dull hearted when she noticed her Sparx's name on that large slate covered in names of the dead. But what also made her feel down at the event, was simply seeing everyone enjoying themselves... in couples. Well, she certainly didn't mind the idea of everyone being happy, but she couldn't help but feel a bit left out; so she left early, missing the Fireworks.

As of late, she's been feeling light headed and ill, but has refused to report to the Pokémon Center. Could something be wrong...?

Well, even if there was something wrong, she's getting better. One night, when Jin randomly set the Town Hall ablaze, they finally managed to confess their romantic feelings for each other. Thus, their relationship took a turn for the best.

Mizu seemed to hide herself away for a bit, only coming out unless absolutely necessary. And it was soon apparent that she was... bigger. Her belly had noticebly gained a bloated, heavy look, and she would occasionally complain about cramps. But as the days passed, she soon returned to her normal appearance, the roundness of her belly vanishing overnight. But that was when another strange thing started to occur - her fins were folded in an odd, lump-like position over her back, as if she was carrying something. Not to mention, she had been very careful of bumping into anything. Someone could've also sworn that there was a soft blue glow emitting from beneath her fins.

One of her eggs hatched: a beautiful male Ponyta, of wich she decided to name Rin. The other one is yet to hatch.

Death Dead
Heart Love/Mate
Bullet; Pink Crush
Bullet; Blue Best Friend
Bullet; Green Friend
Bullet; Yellow Acquaintance
Bullet; Purple Unsure
Bullet; Orange Dislike
Bullet; Red Hate
Bullet; Black Loathe
Bullet; White Family

Bullet; WhiteBullet; BlueLucius/DadBullet; BlueBullet; White "Dad... you never came home... where did you go...? ....Well.... I kinda lost all hope that you're still alive... but I still love you. You're my father, after all."

Bullet; WhiteBullet; BlueDeathAtlantis/MomDeathBullet; BlueBullet; White "Mom, I'm glad that I was raised by such a beautiful, kind she-cat. No one in the entire could've been better. I hope you're happy, now that you're in a better place. I'm actually kinda glad you didn't have to see the hell Team Rocket caused the rest of us..."

Bullet; BlueHeartDeathSparx (Former Mate)DeathHeart Bullet; Blue"I-I could've saved you... but.... even I know it would've been a lost cause... because of you, I wouldn't be alive right now... just know I love you, and that I'm glad you're in a better place..."

Bullet; YellowBullet; GreenSolBullet; YellowBullet; Green "When we closed the gates on Halloween with Lionel, we seemed to have made a pretty good team. I hope we can get to know eachother better~!"

Bullet; PurpleBullet; BlueDeathNikkiDeathBullet; BlueBullet; Purple "Nikki... w-why...? ... Nevermind... I can't stay in the past, I can't let Sparx, or Jin down... I-I hope Sparx and mom will take care of y-you... Rest in Peace..."
:new:"P-Please don't tell me you were a Rocket... oh, dear Arceus, please no..."

Bullet; BlueMatoBullet; Blue "I love his company~! During my free time, I like to spend time with him when Jin's busy. And when I feel like venting, he sits and listens! Sometimes I wonder what it is that I have that causes me to have such wonderful friends... Is it weird that I think it's cute when his face turns red?"

:new:Bullet; BlueHeartJinHeartBullet; Blue "He loves me, I love him, we have a family- that's all I could ever ask for. I'll be the best wife I can be for him~"

Bullet; PurpleSparx (Kit)Bullet; Purple  "... You're growing up. But you're walking down the wrong path. Now you have to figure it out yourself... and I heard about what happen to Romeo... please, don't do anything rash."

RP example: Quiet. It was so quiet; so peaceful. The water running cleanly and smoothly, the soft, gentle breeze; it seemed like paradise to her. Mizu, a proud Finneon of the age of 15, floated calmly at the clear blue surface of the small lake that resided near her home. There was nothing to do as of now, and that relaxed her mind. But although that may be, she always felt the need to do something. She felt that she could go see if she can help anybody, but she was too tired. Entertainment takes energy, y'know? And that's what Mizu did for a living; entertain others in exchange for their happiness. It wasn't like this when she was younger, no, she was much too shy, but this is how she grew up. She grew up open-minded and caring. She lived to make others happy, no matter what the consequences may be. 

With a pleased sigh as the thoughts of her life ran through her life, her wing-like tail fins gave a gentle push against the water's current. The lapsing water felt nice against her body, and the sky was as clear as it can be, with few clouds hanging around. A perfect day, a perfect day for her. Mizu grinned, giggling to herself randomly, before diving into the water merrily and sending a pulsing ring of water into the air. "Water Pulse!" She sang, dancing around in the water cheerfully as the ring of water burst into raining droplets. 

It was a perfect day. Just like everyday. A perfect day.

Extra Info:
Bullet; Blue Her singing voice ~…
Bullet; Pink Personality wise, she is similar to that of Allen Walker from D. Gray Man.
Bullet; Blue She hates Team Rocket with a burning passion, but manages to stay composed, which is why she doesn't necessarily trust Nikki's Sparx anymore.
Bullet; Pink She used to be a Contestor, in which she would sing and put on beautiful shows. But when arriving on Cianwood and becoming a Trainer, she lost all will to continue her former favorite hobbies. As time goes on, she's getting the urge to perform once again, but she holds back against those feelings.
Bullet; Blue She unconsciously depends on her Mystic Water, meaning she could slowly grow ill without it.
Bullet; Pink In advance of the last fact, her Mystic Water is missing. She is slowly growing sick.
Bullet; Blue There is now a possibility of her inheriting the same disease that killed off her mother, now that she is basically considered "Full grown." But so far, no signs of this being true has turned up.
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